Monday 22 September 2014

Maybelline cheeky Glow Blush -Fresh Coral Review

Maybelline cheeky Glow Blush -Fresh Coral  

My first product review and  i am so excited to introduce my new blush which is have purchased from the Mayebelline store.its mayebelline cheeky glow blush and believe me i am very impress with this blush.Its gives you ultra light peeachy look on your cheeks.It makes your cheeks glowing and a fresh look on your face.

Product Description
  • Its an ultra light blush.
  • Good Pigmentation and blend easily.
  • Flawlessly with your skin to deliver a smooth and natural finish.
  • Price-250 (Available online)
  • Quantity-7g.
  • Available in three shades- Creamy Cinnamon,Fresh Coral and Peachy Sweetie.

My experience with Maybelline cheeky glow blush- Fresh Coral :- 

I am in love with this blush,really it gives you amazing look.Fresh coral shade gives you fresh and attractive look. Beautiful  pink coral shade will work on most of the type of skin tone.If you are working and in hurry to go out and in morning we dont have much time for the foundation or base makeup,actually i am talking about my situation at that time i never think of base or foundation.i directly apply fresh coral blush on my cheeks and put my favourite kajal into my eyes and offcouse my fav lip balm or gloss thats all my mroning routine for the makeup and can u believe maybelline fresh coral blush do magic on your nude cheeks.My experince with fresh coral is fantastic .Yes ,sure i recommend this if are fond of pinkish,glowing cheeks...:) :)

The best thing about Maybelline cheeky Glow Blush -Fresh Coral :-
  1. Beautiful pink shade works on multiple types of skintone.
  2. Smooth texture and blend easily.
  3. Execellent  quantity with good price.
  4. Nice packageing with transparent tiny box.
  5. Easily avialable online & offline (at store)                                                                  

The bad thing which i don't like -Overall i am ok with this blush but bad about this blush is not long lasting,wear time should be improved.

My Rating - 3.5/5 

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