Wednesday 30 October 2013

Easy Tips to Apply Foundation.

"Foundation" special and essential Product of makeup without foundation your makeup is incomplete..If you never tried foundation and still you are confused how to apply foundation properly on your face so here are tips for how to Apply Foundation and Concealer Correctly.

1) Choose Right Foundation : First Find out what type of skin you have and then do a skin test for  your foundation before purchasing ..make sure your are doing the test in Day light.

2)Wash your Hands :    you have to start by Washing your will prevent you touching for face from dirt and bacteria.when you apply makeup your hands should be clean.
3) Clean your Brushes or Sponges :- make sure your Foundation and makeup brushes are clean it is safe to apply on your face and eye portion.

4) Cleansing :- Another important Process You should clean your face by doing Tonning and by applying Moisturizer it will removes Dirt from your face  and make Your skin Clean.
5)  Concealer:  Apply Concealer to your under can Hide your Dark circles through this.Apply gently and apply with same Direction to give Perfect Look.

6) Brushes And sponge :-Use soft and smooth application brush and sponge...Apply gently in same direction don't rub again and again on same portion.. Matt foundation smoothly.

7)   Mineral Powder :- At last some mineral Powder foundation for final touch up . it will give you shine and shimmer look and Then Dust your face gently with brush to give a Fab and Matte finishing.

mineral powder-foundation.
Hope this will works for you ..if anything i left please let me know .....Highly Appreciate yours suggestions and feedback.

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