Saturday 28 December 2013

Essential of Indian Bridal Jewellery

Maang Tikka :- Maang tikka is a beautiful  part of indian jewellery which is main  for Indian Bride, that's why we saying Hair Jewellery,brides Wearing Maang Tikka on the Hair Partition Which gives Elegant look. Maang Tikka is coming in different style with different Pattern Nowadays its famous with kundan Works ,Gold Platted and also known as borla which is Famous in Rajasthani.

Shringaar Patti/Maatha Patti :- 16 shringaar for Indian bridae also includes Shringaar patti,its just like crown with layerd and jeweled looks very lavish on bride gives a Royal look,shringaar accessories is also part of temple jewellery and wore by kathak dancer and classical Dancer.

Nose Ring/Nath :- Another important jewellery is Nath/ Nose Ring,it gives beautiful look to bridal.Nath is quite large with a tail which you have to attached or fixed with your hairs.its also coming with Gold and Diamond in Artifical also,Easily Available in differnt pattern.

Necklace :- All time Women's Favourite Jewellery is Necklace,we are never deny to purchase Necklace,if i talk about Bridal Necklace there is huge amount of collection is easily availble in Market,I have seen many bride who is wearing 2-3 layerd of necklace.Necklace covers Bride Neck which gives stunning look.

Earrings/ Jhumkas :- My Favourite Jewellery is Jhumkas..i love to wear jhumkas with my Traditional outfits, Jhumkas also looks beautiful on Bride,gives unique and tradition look ever.

Bangles/Chudi :- Bangles is Main accessories for Indian Bridal Jewellery,which represent Bride's suhaag. it also coming in different style like in punjabi's they are wearing chura ,in north and eastern culture they are wearing "Kaanch ki churiya".

Hath Phool /Hand Bracelet with Attached Rings :- Hath Phool which means "hand Flower" for Indian Bridal it is essential jewellery parts  which consist of finger rings attached with Hand Bracelet.

Ring/Anguthi :- Ring represent symbol of love ,for bride they can wear difeernt types of rings like gold ring,diamond ring, engagement ring etc to cover their fingers and form of ring is Arsi which is  wore on thumb which gives more classy look for Bride.

Waist band/ Kamar Bandh :- Kamarbandh or waist band looks beautiful look on indian is beautiful designed with gold, silver and artifical design pattern also,it tie on waist or kamar,which enhance your waist.

Payal/Pajeb :-Payal and Pajeb is the part of suhaag for Indian Bride which is essential jewellery,brides are wearing kundan payal,silver pajeb with ghungroo which sounds pleasant when bride walk all around.

Toe ring/Bichua :-Bichua is toe ring and suhaag for Indian Bride,it is only worn on second toe of both feet,it represent Married.

Arm Band/ Baju Bandh :-  Arm band and Baju band is a bracelet which worn on upper arm which gives royal and lavish look .


  1. I found a amazing designed jewellery in your post. It looks a special occasion jewellery for women's. Also the information you shared in the post looks nice. Thank you.

  2. Thankx Megha...keep checking my blog..:)

  3. Thanks for sharing the post on bridal jewellery.It’s really informative and I agree with that Indian bridal is incomplete without jewellery.

  4. This post contains detail about all essential ornaments worn by a bride on her wedding day.Maang Tika, Nose Ring, Shrinagar Patti,Necklace, Earrings,Bangles, Rings and Waistbands;all are important part of a bride's wardrobe.To purchase bridal jewelry in India, contact Sirjana Signature jewelry in Delhi.

  5. Hey, beautiful designs. Indian bride is incomplete without jewellery. That maang tikka designs are lovely.


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