Sunday 8 December 2013

Magic of Tomato For Skin.

Benefits Of Tomato For Skin


Tomatoes are best for skin i love to use tomato pack,juice or raw tomato on my skin gives me amazing glow on my face..i am totally in love with this remedies and am applying on daily as i am already using this so just sharing my love for tomatoes Here..why tomatoes is good for skin? because it is a source of Vitamin A and C,its contain lycopene which is an antioxidant which is helping to fight with the cell damage and gives you pinkis and farirer skin.
 Are you Searching for the skin lightening Product or spent good amount of money to get farier skin? So,No Need to Do now......
 Here are few Natural Effectives  Remedies and magical tips for your skin ..give a try Atleasr I am Sure you will love it and also get addicted to use Tomatoes on your Skin :)

1) Tomato Mask (To Remove Sun Tan) :-If you are fighting with tanning and your Tanned makes upset you...Use of tomato Mask gives you Smile on your face.. For Toamto mask you need to Add Oatmeal,1 table spoon of Tomato juice and 1 Table spoon of yoghurt and mix together Now apply on your face,leave it for 15 mins and remove by doing scrubbing with gently,it exofilating your skin naturally and then wash your face.

2)Toamto face Pack (For Skin Whitening) :- Take 1tb.spoon of Gram Flour ( Besan) ,1tb. spoon of Lemon juice,1tb.spoon of honey and Mix it together and apply on your face ,leave it for 15-20 mins and remove gently with plain water and you can also do scrubbing.Gram flour removes your tan from your face and lemon juice helps in skin whitening.

3) Tomato and Lemom juice :-Take 1tb spoon of tomato and 1tb. spoon of lemon juice ,apply on your face and leave it for 20 mins then wash your face with plain water..use this on regular bases it helps you in to get fair complexion.
Note-May be it will get you little bit of sensation on your skin so no need to worry ..that is the magic of tomato and Lemon.

4)Toamto and Curd mask (For Skin Glow) :-take 1 fresh tomato and mash it,add 1 tb.spoon of curd and mix with pulp and apply on your face.leave it for 20-25 min and wash your face with cold water.this mask is cure from skin burnt and Glowing Skin.

5) Toamto and  Cucumber Face Mask :-Tomato and cucumber mask get rid from Tan..apply the  mixture of toamto juice and cucmber juice with equal quantity and leave it for 20 mins then wash with cold water ,its a effective mask to get rid Sun tan.

6) Toamto Mask ( To Cure From Acne) :- If you have acne Skin and want to releif from acne so you must try this  mask ,what you have to do simply take 1 tb.spoon of Tomato juice,1 tb.spoon of sandalwood,1tb.spoon of juice and 2-3 drops of lemon juice mix it all together and then apply on your face and then leave it for 20 mins it will gives you cure fom acne and oil free skin.

7) Toamto Face mask (For Skin Smooth) :- Rub Toamto directly on your face for 5-7 min then leave it for 10 min to make juice dry and then again rub for 2 min and then leave it to keep dry and then wash your face with normal water.

So, What you looking for grab these tips and give your self pamper to enjoy the effective and magical tips of tomatoes.

  Stay Beautiful....:) :)


  1. fab post!! I will try the tomato mask :) thanks for sharing dear

  2. Thanks a lot mayuri... keep checking my post i have lots of skin secrets to share ..:)


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