Friday 10 January 2014

5 Best Face Packs For Dry Skin in winter.

1) Honey & Rose Water Face pack :-Take 1tbsp of rose water and 1tbsp of honey
,then mix together and then apply on your face and neck,leave it for 15 minutes after that wash your face with cold water then leave it for 2 minutes and then again wash your face with Lukewarm water,method of cold water and then lukewarm water improve your blood circulation which gives you glowing skin,Try this!

2) Carrot and Honey Mask :-Take 1tbsp of mashed carrot or carrot juice and 1tbsp of honey mix both well and apply on your face,leave it for 20 minutes then wash with plain water.Apply this tip for atleast 3 times in a well,you will see the effect.

3) Banana and Butter Face pack :- Take 1 banana and mashed smoothly and then mix 1tbsp non salted butter and mix them together ,apply on your face and leave it for 20 minutes ,then wash with plain water.this is best tip for dry skin. I am also using this tip and i love my skin glow,Try this method atleast   3 times in a week.

4) Avocado & Olive oil Mask :-Use of Avovado  is  best idea for skin,its enriched with Vitamin A & E and Vitamic c,which help for skin care. so,tip is you have take 1 ripe avocado and remove seed from it and mash it properly and add 1tbsp of Olive Oil and mix it like smooth paste and then apply on your face,Olive Oil helps with your skin Pores,leave it for 20 minutes then wast with lukewarm water.

5) Curd and Honey Face Pack :- Simple and easy and effective tip for dry skin is take 1 tbsp of plain curd and mix 1tbsp Honey amd mix them together ,for better effect you can use 1 tbsp of tomato juice and then apply on your face and Neck rinse it off for 15-20 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water. 

And Now Here is Quick tip for Glowing skin :-in winter we are facing many skin problems like dry skin,lips get dry and many problems.As we are busy with daily routine like working women not having so much time for parlour and also not able to do any kind of beauty routine,here is few easy and effective tip you can grap this ideas and add into your daily routine.i hope you will like the glow after using this tip,here we Go!

1. Cleansing - So what you have to do before going to bed ,remove your makeup first with any good quality of makeup remover and then use good cleansing milk and start cleansing gently on your face use your fingers and do it in circular motion it will helps you to improve your blood circulation. do it for 2 minutes then wash your face with plain water,you are done with first step.

2. Scrubbing -Avoid Daily Scrubbing in winters ,because it will make your skin Dry ,do it only for 2 times in a week so you can do scrubbing with below given  ingredients its natural and effective and not even harmful for your skin.
  •    Mashed Banana
  •    Rose Water
   Ripe Avocado /white Sugar / OR 1 drop of any scrub of good quality.                

Mix it all together and start scrubbing gently .do this atleast for 1-2 minutes ,it will removes dirt from your face and open your pores to breath your face skin  after that wash your face with lukewarm water.

3. Toning - Toning is essential for winter,it also effecting for aging and for unhealthy skin .but use only good brand of toner ,put a drop of toner on cotton and apply on over your face.

4. Moisturizing - Moisturizing is best essential for skin care ,no matter what type of skin you having ,Although use of moisturizer gives moist on your skin either for dry skin,sensitive skin or combination skin. moisturize moisturize and moisturize it will give natural glow on your face.

5  Face Pack -Use any effective face pack or you can also use any face pack which i have mentioned above that .

Note- Never skip using of sunscreen either for winter or summer .use these tips and say goodbye to unhealthy skin and welcome to winter. Enjoy!

       Feedback and suggestion will highly Appreciate.  :) :)


  1. This is an awesome post Kiran, loved it, I love the curd and honey pack, will try out the other packs you mentioned as I have dry skin.

  2. Thanks a lot Arzoo am glad that you like my post.. ya sure you can try these packs,you will like it..:)

  3. awesome! will try all of them!!!

  4. Jayshree welcome to my blog..sure ! you can try these.

  5. Lovely post dearie :) I am sure it would help many :D

  6. Ur post came the right time Kiran! Will definitely try the carrot one :)

  7. good tips
    i would like to try carrot and honey
    check out my blog to enter the give-away

    1. hii krithi ... thanks a ton ..yes u can try carrot and honey u will like glow of your face..join this blog for more tips :)

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  9. lovely post.. :) bananas work amazingly on dry skin


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