Saturday 14 December 2013

How To Get Nude Makeup Look.

Makeup makeup...."that is Nude Makeup" Difficult to judge to others whethr you have applied makeup or not.interested na? Nude Makeup looks like polished and maintained skin tone,its simply pampering your skin tone.  

we always like dark Eye shadow and smokey eye makeup,we can't deny glory of beauty is in natuaral,thats why we all want to be natural Beauty,isn't it?
 Have you noticed our bollywood beauties with light and littile shimmering touch up ? That is the Nude makeup,Nude makeup is always in style and and always look good on everybody  not only for celebirirty.
 Nude makeup is the best option for all for us ,sometime we are tired to put high and glssy makeup on our face too much ,so for the change we have Nude makeup with Various Style.

I am posting some ideas for the Nude Makuep wihich is most easiest way to do,i hope you will Like it.

1. Find out Your Skin-tone :- You Need to first find out which skin tone you have,which is more important,choose foundation and compact according to your skin tone.don't go for high foundation try to use little as soon as possible,if possible its better to use tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation,it will flattering your Skin.

2. Groom Your Eyebrows use lightly eyebrows pencil and transparent mascara to enhance your eye will looks really natural and you have beautiful Eyes.Don't mess up with all time eye shadow,don't forget your are doing nude makeup.


3. Use creamy and Peach blusher to get dewy look,try to keep you cheeks minimal. you can  try virgin Blusher which is easily available online nude peach blusher is good option or you can select according to your skin tone. don't go for rosy cheeks and red cheeks nude makeup is not supposed to be visible.

4. For Lips you can go with natural lip gloss or lipstick ,lips should look like glossy or completely matte or for more nude lip you can use sticky  creamy lipstick or lip balm.

5. For Eyes you can use Kohl kajal and eye pencil at eye lid to define your eyes don't go dark kajal and smokey eyes ,use kohl kajal  on eye lid which looks beautiful on you face.,and adds brightness and sparkle to eyes.

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