Saturday 9 November 2013

Tips to get Hair Spa At home.

"Beautiful women" to be beautiful we are doing care for many things either it is for skin,dressup,etc we are spending lots of money on saloon for facial and for another beauty stuff but when it comes to Hair spa oops my personal experience i have spent lots of money for hair spa but i m not going to spend a single penny for hair spa ...because i found a secret tips to do hair spa at home so i thought to share with you..i hope it will work for you.

       Hair care is very essential to maintain yor hair thick and shiny,hair  spa
is a best solution to get rid from rough and damaged hairs ..,I know and i have observed from my personal Experience taking care of hair is such a difficult task and why not ? everyday our hairs are fighting from Dust,dirt,heat and from sweating and nowadays from chemical also,of course parlor treatments are always optional for us but its too expensive also if we are going for rebounding and hair smoothenig treatment.

So here are few tips for you to make your Hair shiny and beautiful Have a look on this!

Things you required for Hair spa:-

  • Hair oil according to your choice.or (Olive Oil or Almond oil) 
  •  Shampoo
  •  Conditioner
  •  hair Mask
  •   Steam 

1) Massage your Scalp : At first you need to massage your scalp with any oil as i have mentioned above,best if you use Allmond oil or olive oil it has vitamin E and D which
Nourish your hair and scalp which makes it long,thick and shiny..i highly suggest you to go for Bajaj Almond oil i am also using this i found shiny and smooth Massage your hair gently 10 -15 minutes..(i know you will get tired so keep music on around you and do this task and enjoy.

2) Warm Steam : Next step you need to warm steam to your hair,for this you need a small handy steam machine ...steam your hair atleast for 5-7 mins or if steam machine is not available at home so no worry about that ,what you have to do..dip a towel in warm water and wrap around on your hairs and keep for 2 mins ,do this atleast 4-5 times...make sure while applying this your scalp doesn't react to this.

3) wash your Hair : Now wash your with quality of shampoo...try to wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water because hot water harful for your hairs it causes Dandruff and itchy scalp.

4) Apply conditioner : After shampoo go for the deep conditioner on your hair to make your hair smooth ..use condtioner which suits your hair.atleast leave for 2 mins for deep conditioning.

5) Apply hair Mask : At last you need to cover up your hair with good quality of hair mask is easily available in the market.pick loreal hair mask or schwarzkopf these are the best for Hair i am using loreal and trust me it gives very effective result.

         Finally Towel dry your hair ,Now you have a secret to do hair Spa at home.Follow this procedure once every week or in 15 days i am sure you will fall in love with your Beautiful hair.

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