Friday 8 November 2013

How to Find Perfect red Lipstick for your skin tone.

Choosing the Red Lipstick According to our skin tone is little bit of difficult task..i have done some research on red lipstick according to skin tone. So,here are few ideas to make your task easier for choosing best red shade according to your skin tone

Creamish Complexion :  Bold red shade rocks your look if you having Creamish or peach skin,use bright red lipstick for this skin tone..bold red lips never out from style ,it      gives you Richie look

Fair Complexion : 
            Go for orange red and more brighter shade for fair complexion these colors are eye catching colors and brighter colors are more noticeable on your face.

Dark Complexion- For Darker Skin go for the Deep red shade it always look good on darker skin and  darker skin beauties can also give a try for orange -red shade,blue red shade .

Warm Toned Skin :-      if anyone having warm toned skin and want to wear red lips i am sure that is big task for you to select right shade for your skin so let make it easier for you for warm toned skin go for the slightly matte red and maroon red it gives pop of radiance and perfect look  these shades clash your skin tone .

Warm toned Skin

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