Wednesday 30 October 2013

How to cure from Dark circles.

Hello ladies,
I am here to introduce you with good and effective tips for your Eyes Dark circles.Nowadays dark circles  can develop with early age ..
we spent most of out time on PC and laptop and it causes dark circles,also sometime we are not able to take proper Sleep and am posting some easy and effective Tips for Hope it vill work for you..

1) ENOUGH SLEEP:To Treat Dark circles yous should take enough sleep around 7-8 hours..there are several causes for Dark circles to prevent your dark circles take rest to your body and your eyes as well.                                                                                                                                                          

cucumber juice
2)Apply Cucumber: Cucumber is Very Effective for our eyes its based on Vitamin C and its a natural and common way to get rid from dark circles.apply cucumber slice or cucumber juice on your eyes leave it for atleast for 15 mins the wash with plain water.
rose water
3)Rose Water:  Take cotton pad soaked into Rose water an put on your  eyes for 15 mins .its a quick cure for dark circles.
4)Tea Bags And Spoon : with the use of freezed Tea bag and Spoon also helpful for your eyes dark Marks..through this process you can relax for eyes and also avoid your puffiness of eyes. 
5) Raw potato: its is natural bleaching based  tip you can use raw potato juice on your eyes by applying this it will lighten your dark circles.

6)  Daily exercise and Massage:- Any gentle Massage can be done for your eyes during professional facial process like with good quality of cleansing milk and with aloevera gel. also do exercise with long breath it will increase your blood circulation and avoid dark circles.
7) Take Equal amount of cucumber juice and tomato juice and apply on your eyes leave it for 15-20 mins then wash your face with plain analysis it will refreshen  your eyes.

8) The Bleaching Product of vitamin C also present in lemon to remove dark circles  under the eyes.take fresh lemon juice soaked with cotton pad and apply on your under dark circle.wash your eyes after 15 mins.repeat this process twice or thrice every week.

NOTE:  Along with Healthy lifestyle and  proper food its an external care which we should daily.Take time off for relaxation.Apply compressed of ice water and cold water also effective tips for your eyes.

Enjoy Easiest and effective tips for your beautiful Eyes."Say no to dark circles"

"Stay Healthy & Gorgeous"

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