Friday 1 November 2013

Tips to Manage your Makeup Kit.

We all are fond of makeup and styling while in working profession we always keeping our makeup products to give time to time touch up like when we are going for presentation,for business meeting or any occassion and offcourse girls not required any occassion for makeup so it's natural to become little bit overwhelmed.Now big question is generate How to organise our makeup Kit and what product we should keep in our makeup kit for your daily use as well as for another purpose also.

To make this Task easy for you have put together a list of beauty products that your Makeup kit/pouch needs any time.

  •  Makeup pouch/Bag: check out different types of makeup bags to analysis which style best suites on your requirements.

Quick Tips- a)  when you need to apply mascara,eye liner kajal,eye shadow  so what you have do at first clean uo messy eyeliner,brush,remove excess
nail paints..keep limited shades lipsticks or gloss of product like brown,pink etc
b) keep vaseline or petroleum jelly with you always to  moisturise your lips &it also helpful to you to remove eyeliner or kajal. 

2)Lipstick:Lipstick is Beauty Essential product so first you need to analysis
what yor are wear and what you don' keep your shades according to event or your needs.

3) Pencils- Keep eyeliner pencil or lip liner into your kit.make sure your pencils is clean and sharpen,if possible keep sharpener with you to give shapes accordingly to your requirement.


4) skin care : skin care essential includes your daily moisturizers,sunscreen
  day cream,makeup remover cream.


5) Concealaer: Another important Product is concealer to coverup  your under eye dark must to keep in your makeup bag.

6) Lip Balm : sometime we are not in mood to wear lipstick so i prefer you to keep good quality of lip balm to rocks your simple and moisturized lips.and ofcourse nobody likes to keep dry lips.

7) Mascara : To define your eye lashes beautifully i suggest you to keep waterproof mascara make sure you have good quality of mascara because your eyes represent you beautifully.

8) Eyeliner: Eyeliner is another mode to define your Eyes..try to use liquid and waterproof eyeliner because it's easy to apply.

9) Eye shadow/Blush/Powder : Don't forget to put your Favuroite Eye shadow
 so you can put accordingly on your eyes according to your needs,Blush will give you you perfect and shimmer look on your cheeks and Mileral powder Foundation will you final touch up and radiant look.

10) Hair Brush/Band/Pins : small and important and while foing makeup 
 it must to keep your hair tie to avoid disturbances with your hairs.Hair pins helps you to give styling for your hairs.

                         That's it now your makeup kit is ready! Go Ahead!

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